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United States, Charlotte
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I have been known to set the stove on fire while making sweet tea, pull the door that says "push", and trip over air. I am that person you see dancing while they are driving when their favorite song comes on. I have a deep appreciation for those who can properly use they're their, and there as well as your and you're.

Here is what I have to offer: an infectious laugh, a quirky yet fun personality, a kind heart, and compassion. I enjoy sarcasm and good conversation. I love music of all kinds (although country is still growing on me.)

What I'm looking for: random adventures, sarcasm, a good heart, someone who can make me laugh, a calming presence and most of all my best friend.

I'm like most people that are on Match: family first, enjoy hanging out with friends, yada yada. I relocated to North Carolina a year ago to be closer to family. I'm very close to my nephews- they are a huge part of my life.

Other random facts about me:
I love penguins
I came to North Carolina via New Jersey (my accent comes out when the following words are used: sausage, coffee, water, talk, mall, etc.)
One of my favorite past times is to break into dance in the kitchen or living room
Investigation Discovery is my guilty pleasure
Baking is my stress relief
I don't know what I would do without my crockpot
I met Betty White and she was fabulous
Tater tots are awesome
I know absolutely nothing about football, but will learn for the right person:-)
I love argyle, especially on a sweater vest
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