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USA, Montana City
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I’m an average woman with a simple life, and a lot more time on my hands with my business! I have never valued material possessions or status as much as some, so carrying on my business has been all the reward and stability I need. I feel blessed in life and try to maintain a laid back composure—taking things as they come and not stressing too much over the future. I feel like I've set down my roots and kept my values firmly in place. Being a family woman means spending more time thinking about other people than yourself. I believe in maintaining my loyalties through thick and thin, and being as generous as I can with what I have to give. You won’t find a more respectful partner, or a woman more content in her life. I'm a professional woman. I can’t wait to share what I've worked for, and spend quality time with a man who has plenty of his own happiness to contribute.
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