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Searcher 57

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United States, Parkersburg
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I have an impish nature,and at heart I'm still a little boy in many ways (which I think is a good thing) and an ideal woman would still have that little girl still inside her as a spirit of playfulness. I have a dry off the wall sense of humor. Don't blink you might miss it sometimes!

I'm an essentially kind hearted man with a gentle nature. I also give good back rubs!

My spirituality finds expression in the wheel of the year and the waxing and waning of the moon. I'm very in tune with the cycles of nature and find much comfort with it. While my spirituality is abstract, it is real. I don't believe the whole of the Divine can be expressed in holy books or church dogma. I am nominally a Wiccan, but even that doesn't fully define my relationship with the Divine. By that same measure I have immense respect for the faith of others. I do have a problem with intolerance though. Our spirituality shouldn't limit us but enlarge us.

An ideal woman for me would be a bit of a tom boy at heart with a bit of a mischievous nature who likes the outdoors, cuddling and watching a good movie, music and drives in the country. And sometimes just doing the unexpected. I get on well with children (although I usually start out pretending I don't much care for them. They always seem to see through that somehow-not sure why!) which is to say that I will not shy away from women who have children nor am I necessarily adverse to having some of my own with the right woman.

I like intelligent and strong willed women who tend to speak their minds and are a bit rebellious against conventional thinking. I admire a bit of fire in a woman even if I may not always agree with her causes. This is not to be in anyway interpreted that I am submissive to such a woman. My friends say that I like "b•tch•s". I don't think it's true, I just like a woman who stands up for herself.

I don't much care about sports. Don't know why. I had some involvement with it in high school but I never got into the idea of WATCHING it. I can watch racing for five minutes and get all the enjoyment I'm going to get out of it, ( I might watch for all of TEN if I get to see Danica Patrick). This might be a down check with some ladies. On the other hand it means you'll never have to compete for my attention with a football game.

While I'm quite comfortable as a homebody I also have a need to get out and have an adventure from time to time and would love to have a companion to share it with. Adventure can be found simply in taking a road not taken just to see what's over that way. If you look for it you will find it.

I am a pretty accomplished cook, not gourmet by any means but I know how to cook a good wholesome meal and even romantic ones! I don't get a chance to try my hand at it often as I dislike cooking for myself. At least fancy cooking. But I make a pretty good bowl of chili and I never make it exactly the same twice.

I have a BA in Communications and two years of Masters study in same. I am of above average intelligence and am very well read. Kinda shy when you first meet me (even about initiating contact. I might visit a profile a number of times before I work up the courage to write!) but that passes once we get to know one another-and you'll forget eventually that you ever thought I was shy!

A lot of people look at my pictures and draw conclusions. If they see the one where my hair is long and the flowers in my hair they think I'm a hippie. If they see the one where I'm wearing my Stetson they think I'm a cowboy - or as one person said "a mountain man". Although I'm very free spirited in many ways I'm not a hippie (although I can be very comfortable in their company), although I own a Stetson I'm not a Mountain Man. I am uniquely myself.

If you don't like one or more of my pictures then please don't feel obliged to tell me. Pictures are snapshots of an instant in time, and reveal part of who a person is, and each of these pictures shows PART of who I am, so - don't judge a book by it's cover, I am a subtle read.

I have a preposterous number of books. An immense music collection, a number of drums, and 20 odd pairs of sunglasses to suit my mood, outfit or the lighting. I have a collection of marbles - but only ones that I FIND. That way while everyone else in the world is losing their marbles I'm always gaining more!

One should never stop being a kid at heart. If you can apply this same degree of childlike zest to other aspects of life it only adds to it's pleasure.

A lot of ladies on here seem to be worried about men just wanting them for sex. I don't really understand the obsession people have with the matter. Most of us want sex, most of us enjoy sex. None of us want to be used or manipulated by it or FOR it. Sex is an important part of a relationship and it's true that it often lowers many barriers between people when they have it. I don't see much point in pretending that isn't on most people's mind to one degree or another.

However, I want MUCH more than sex from a woman. This is in no way to suggest sex isn't important in a healthy relationship! I don't expect sex on the first date (but might not refuse if it is offered) or necessarily by the 3rd date - but by that time we should have some idea whether we want to take things further.

Unlike many men I DO take "no" as an answer. In fact since in some rather surprising ways I am rather old fashioned, I have been told I don't know how to take "YES" as an answer! In fact the night I lost my "virginity" my first finally advised me that I had better DO something or she was going home! I have a healthy, lusty and yes even adventuresome attitude about sex - so an ideal woman for me would enjoy a healthy and zesty love life - and maybe shouldn't be afraid to speak plainly about the matter to me.

I'm widowed, live alone with pleasantly neurotic cats. I am a part time landlord, and part time graphic designer.

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