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USA, Bolingbrook
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I am a tall BBW with long blond hair and hazel eyes. I have a seventeen year old daughter and a fourteen year old son who are the coolest kids, ever. I am an open minded liberal optimist and a positive thinker. I like live theater, 80s music, cooking, decorating, kissing, debating, figuring out how things work, telling really groaningly bad jokes and being very pleased with myself about it, quirky British comedies, one hit wonders, natural sciences, meeting friends for drinks, really super bad puns, The Bahamas and Mexico, intelligent and educated people, people with natural comedic timing, singing in my car to the great embarrassment of my children, trivia about anything, going out to dinner, movies, museums, and cheering for the underdog. I have just started working on my Master's in Developmental and Behavioral Psychology so I am excited about that new adventure. I love my life, my kids, my dogs, my curves, my friends and family.
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