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United States, Fairmont
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I try to lead a very drama free life. I'm getting too old to play these childish games. I value and respect honesty. I don't care if it will hurt my feelings, I would rather the ugly truth than a sweetened lie. I'm a woman so the crazy has already been established lol.
I want something extraordinary someone i can veg out with on days off, someone who can hold a decent conversation someone I can help make their bad times a little better spoil with affection hold when they need me to or put a fire under their @$$ when they need motivation someone I can take care and baby when they are sick someone that will grow along with me. I want a best friend, a lover, a companion, a muse. I have two teenagers who are my world, my kids will always come before everything including a man and I would expect him to understand that. My family is a huge part of my life. I will not sacrifice my kids, my family, or myself for anyone. I am brutally honest.
I love music (Disturbed, old rock, pop, some rap, etc), art, sci-fi, Doctor Who (Smith, Tennant, and Capalidi), George Carlin, Jay and Silent Bob, etc. I read and write a lot. Love photography and the outdoors. I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker... I have 4 tattoos and ear piercings. I'm not perfect and I do not expect anyone else to be. We all make mistakes, we all have pasts. I am a very non judgemental person.
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