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USA, Hagerhill
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I'm calm, positive, logical, calm, easy-going,down-to-earth, supportive, financially independent, considerate, well-balanced and serious in what I do, but definitely not serious in how I do it. I tend to take most things in my life in my stride and have an optimistic attitude. The only thing I expect from a significant other is absolute trust, without trust you have no relationship. I enjoy socializing, going out for meals and dinner parties but equally enjoy nights in with a glass of wine,just talking with friends.I smoke nor drug. Having fun and not taking life too seriously! Doing all the things I want to do. Contentment, continued good health and settling down with someone I really care about. Going to the gym, Snow Skatting Taibo,classic cars,DIY, cinema and theater.Traveling (work and pleasure). A combination of the following makes an ideal holiday: exotic beaches, Caribbean, Bermuda or the Maldives,natural wonders and places of historical interest.I enjoy a variety of music,from modern
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