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USA, Atlanta
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I am very refined, charming, down to earth and fun to be with. I am kind, caring, compassionate, patient, understanding, and very attentive and affectionate to the right person. I am a spontaneous romantic, who loves to wine and dine and spend quality time with that special someone. I enjoy almost any activity and function or event. I love to dress from a Tux to a suit to jeans! I love spending time with a woman who appreciates the zest for life. I am very passionate to those who desire my attention, and I am not afraid to commit or say I LOVE someone. I will also display affection in public, and it is always in good taste and should not often the someone..but reassure her that I care and I am hers!I love holding hands, and gazing into to one's eyes! I love long wet passionate kisses! I recognize that honesty and integrity and communication and becoming best friends are the cornerstone and foundation for building a solid relationship! I never played with one's feelings are their heart.I love to pamper my significant other, yet not smother her! She should be intelligent and enjoy life and be somewhat autonomous. She must want a relationship which we can grow together! I love women who can be true to her own self, and know the meaning of life! Life is so precious, and so we need to make the best of every day and every situation. We must love each other and remind them daily with a kiss, I will love you, a pat on the rear or a little nudge or bump now and then...I think I was born in the wrong century. I like opening the door for my lady, pulling out her chair, etc. Chivalry is alive and well in my world and I’m only late if I have been kidnapped.
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