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USA, Antioch
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im laid back and i mostly keep to myself. im interested in someone more chill and without drama =). please dont be shy, im very polite and nice. =^^= not to be taken seriously. i love ballet and yeah classical music too because im sentimental and i think its pretty haha a bit feminine and a bit masculine but quite silly all around =3 avid cat lover (if you couldnt tell) im still a virgin. yeah thats right i said it. yes, im nearly 28. nope its not because im religious or picky or anything just hasnt happened for me yet -i guess im just very unlucky XP i drive a volkswagon beetle because im clearly using it to compensate for something lol my favorite movies are Hook, The Life Aquatic, and Immortal Beloved. im a combat vet but youd never guess so dont worry im not a stereotype of any kind really not here for "hook ups" so please no thank you i thought toy story 2 was fine i guess
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