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USA, Tulsa
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I am an honest male not greedy or materialistic, prudent, warmhearted, caring, reliable, tender, and true to principle. On my lips is life. I know how to embrace the power of conviction. I am, very giving, considerate, romantic, and loyal. I do not waste my energy or time on short-term relationships. Presence and disclosures. I am available emotionally and have many strengths and gifts to share. To handle myself, I use my head; to handle others, I use my heart. I try to keep a Great Mind, for Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. I live my life in good ways and because I can't live long enough to make all myself. Respect people's values and freedom. I understand the cultivation of a uniform courtesy, I am an excellent listener, an articulate speaker, ask. I'm an average cooker and eat to nourish as well to enjoy. My closest friends would describe me as positive, adventurous, witty, friendly, happy and passionate about life.
The things I value in a relationship are kindness, consistency, trust, emotional and physical intimacy and a genuine ability to love and give ... and of course great chemistry. I'm certain I can make you laugh, find the kid in you and arouse the woman in you. You'll love my creativity, cooking, dancing and passion - and I think my ideas and adventures will intrigue you. You'll feel comfortable with me as I'm easy to talk to and I'm a good listener. I also won't try to talk you into not crying, but hold you when you do. I'm emotionally available and a great communicator - also very affectionate. maybe we can meet face to face in this dimension. Actually, sending me a message (with more than three words) might be an easier way to start. :-) You won't be disappointed
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