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USA, Chicago
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I give 150% and I believe in making the man happy till the rest of my life, I'm with a priority in my life as a man should do as well!! It is about the little things that you do for each other to make each other happy! I believe in working through things and getting to really know each other!! I am a lover NOT a fighter....Lets try to stay connected and in touch with each other outside this social mechanism by hitting me up using this cryptic numbers; 9 out of the 1 minus 2 attributes of a 3 and 4 successful relationship which are also 8 0 by 7 divided by 5 and 9.....If you are ready to fall in love with that special person in your life forever..we should meet!! I'm an honest, generous,caring woman and believes communication bcos is key!! No games here!! Life is too short
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