• Birth sign: Leo
  • Age: 37 years old
  • Preference: Straight
  • Sex: Male
  • Country: Nigeria
  • City: Benin City

About me

My name is Iykeson and I'm super Philharmonic when it comes to pop songs. I'm sweet, loving and compassionately accomodating. I have a pretty fragile heart and believes so much in truth and complete honesty. I'm not about some fake or shady life. I'm all honest when it comes to everyone. I'm from Nigeria and I'm not ashamed to be from here regardless of media hypes and negative profiling about us. Some of the shady acts from individuals from here is nothing but disgusting and truly appaling. They have given this country (Nigeria) a bad name and it makes it so hard for some of one the good ones out here to be given a chance. If you'd ever be scammed, used or lied to by anyone from here, i apologize sincerely for everything. I know it wont make a difference to cover for nothing, I apologize regardless. Nigeria government is doing everything they can to curb these filthy perpetrators to book and be served for such shitty crimes. How to get a scammer, ask them for their live cam and if they cant show you a live one, run for your life and never talk to them again regardless of their shitty excuses. I'm a hopeless romantic when it comes to love and display of affections. I'd hope to be happily married to a Caucasian woman someday if providence deem it fit to smile on me. I'm a huge fan of the MCU and DC's universe. My kik is @iykesonx if you'd ever wanna chat or see that i got nothing to hide. I cry way too easy sometimes over emotional melt down and I'm pretty excited and happy seeing everyone happy and spreading optimism. I respects women a lot and i see them as a diety and sacred beings. I can't seem to stand or watch a lady cry as it'd get to ruin my day completely. I love swimming and i have so much love for pets. I don't fail to exercise inorder to stay fit and in complete shape. Yoga works for me alot as it always keep me soothing calm and completely at bay with the world at large. I don't judge or tryna discriminate in anyways. Love and mutual understandings for everyone is my wish and prayers for this world. Bless your soul for taking the time to go through this bios of mine. I love you.x

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Iykeson1x's Personality Test Results

  1. Would you date someone from another race? Yes

  2. How would you breakup with some one? Face to face

  3. What describes you best? Laid Back

  4. Do you want children? Yes

  5. How often do you clean your house? Everyday

  6. Would you date someone who has a disability? Yes

  7. What type of relationship are you seeking? I want marriage

  8. How would you describe your social personality. Outgoing - Life of the party.

  9. Are you OK with holding hands, kissing and hugging in public? (PDA) Yes

  10. How would you handle a breakup? Wait to heal then try dating again.

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