• Birth sign: Taurus
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Preference: Straight
  • Sex: Female
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Leeds

About me

I'm fat and 50, exactly what I didn't want to be but I love food and enjoy life and want to spend my spare time when I'm not working having a laugh, sharing laughter, I'm just looking at the moment, looking for friends first before I even think about a relationship. I work and my job is stressful but I enjoy it, i don't bring it home with me, I have grown up children who have flown the nest and so I find myself with time on my hands, come say hello but please no sex talk or asking for hook ups, your wasting your time as I'll just not reply :)

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jo888's Personality Test Results

  1. Would you date someone from another race? Yes

  2. How would you breakup with some one? Face to face

  3. What describes you best? Hard Working

  4. Do you want children? No

  5. How often do you clean your house? Rarely

  6. Would you date someone who has a disability? Maybe

  7. What type of relationship are you seeking? Just looking for dates

  8. How would you describe your social personality. Outgoing - Life of the party.

  9. Are you OK with holding hands, kissing and hugging in public? (PDA) Yes

  10. How would you handle a breakup? Wait to heal then try dating again.

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