Lesbian bbw dating sites

Big Beautiful Women lesbian dating websites

lesbian-bbw-datingBBW, Abbreviated from Big Beautiful Women, is a synonym for overweight or visibly fat women. In many countries, particularly African countries, it is considered attractive as it symbolizes fertility and monetary strength. Admirers of Big Beautiful Women are mainly prevalent in Western and African cultures with smaller rare instances in Asian and Eastern cultures. However, it is not only Heterosexual males who prefer big beautiful women or its various variants. There is a niche of lesbian women who prefer their partner to be a big beautiful woman.

Generally it is assumed a Big Beautiful Woman would have a little trouble connected with potential partners without the use of social media and hence heterosexual Big Beautiful Women dating sites were made to help Big Beautiful Women with connections. However, a heterosexual Big Beautiful Women website would not be efficient for homosexual matching because of how the website’s algorithms function. Matchmaking protocols in a heterosexual Big Beautiful Women dating site filters all applicants by the denotation of gender. One might question why the algorithm filters by gender and the answer is simple; to avoid lawsuits and troubles if the site accidentally matches 2 male or 2 female applicants together.

Since the concept of open homosexuality is still an issue worldwide, heterosexual Big Beautiful Women dating sites have to be strictly heterosexual. To counter this, homosexual dating websites have been established. The filter of gender is removed, but the website will have moderators to verify all its members are female, otherwise straight male applicants would end up being matched with lesbian Big Beautiful Women.

The advantages of online lesbian Big Beautiful Women dating platforms are numerous. Traditionally a Big Beautiful Woman seeking another Big Beautiful Woman would have to physically go out and meet one another. This is hard because many Big Beautiful Women are heterosexual and the ones that are homosexual are usually closeted and do not prefer to announce their homosexuality openly. Friends of friends or homosexual clubs are difficult options with a lot of potential judgment by friends or fellow homosexual that prefer non-fat women. With Lesbian Big Beautiful Women dating sites one can easily bypass the human factor and easily get matched to another Big Beautiful Woman with zero risk of judgment or breach of confidentiality.

The top 3 lesbian Big Beautiful Women websites have the same basic layout which involves a free account with basic options of chat rooms, profile viewing and small gestures like winks, flirts, and pokes but in a limited capacity. Paid memberships entail direct messaging features and an advanced search algorithm that filters preferred sub-type of Big Beautiful Women, Location, and other range brackets automatically rather than manual filter via chat rooms and hours of talking. These websites require extensive information to properly match users together. Such information entails race, age, location, weight, personality type, world views and requires photos to be uploaded. Paid members have the option of filtering all these subcategories while free users do not.

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